Meet the Dale's Sporting Goods Team

Dale Keiger - Dale is the original co-owner of the business when it was named “Young Men’s Shop” in 1954, becoming sole owner in 1956. He operated the business as a men’s clothing store into the ‘70’s and gradually converted the business into a Sporting Goods Operation, becoming the “Dale’s Sporting Goods” that it is today.  Although Dale initially did much of the road sales, his primary focus now is on the store’s day to day operations. An active member of the China Grove and Rowan Country community, he was the first president of China Grove Board of Trade chartered in 1957. He is still active in China Grove Civitan, having received a 50-year pin and plaque service award. He has been an active member of First United Methodist Church since 1955, and was the  Chairman of its building committee for it’s $1,000,000 facility addition. He is very "people-oriented" and says he will never retire because it would mean losing the daily interaction with friends and customers.

Gayle Keiger - I have been associated with the business sine we went independent in 1956. At that time everything was relatively simple. When we converted to sporting goods, my life and work changed considerably. I am a one-person office and the amount of paperwork has increased steadily over the years. I do the general office work, as well as the accounting. I am hearing-impaired, so the telephone is not a good communication option for me. However, with email, my captions phone, and Tommy (my message-taker and calling-for-me friend) we manage to keep things mostly on track.


Kevin Keiger - I grew up in the family business. After graduating from Catawba College in 1983, I became a full-time employee at Dale’s Sporting Goods. By that time, I was ready to be assigned a ‘territory’ that was my sales area, as well as working inside the store. That sales area grew to include an area primarily West and North of China Grove and now I am on the road every day until about 4:30. My wife, Susan is an elementary school administrator, and our son Janssen was born in 1998.


Tommy Welch - I joined The Dale’s Team in 2003. It is so enjoyable to work in a field that you love. I’m not sure what my title is, as I do many things. I do sell to our local Middle Schools and High Schools in the county, which is about all that I have time for. I am also the IT Department and handle most of the Purchasing Responsibilities. I do my best to keep Kevin and Jimmy in line and make sure that their orders are being processed. I am surrounded by a group of people that are truly fun to work with. My wife Candace and I have a daughter, Avery, and a son Cooper.

Steve Beaver - I was a School Administrator in the Rowan-Salisbury School System until my retirement in 1997. I had known Dale since he first came to China Grove and we have been great friends throughout the years. He convinced me I had too much free time after retirement and should have some place to go every day. We worked out an arrangement that would not interfere with my fishing trips or travel, and I joined the team as an inside the store “do-whatever-needs-doing person.” My wife, Emma Lou, has also retired. We have 3 grown children, Ryan, Wendy and Andrew. I also have 4 grandchildren.


Jimmy Hubbard - While I was attending Catawba College, Kevin and I became good friends. He introduced me to the lady who would become my wife, so naturally after graduation we stayed in touch. In 1987, Kevin called me about a position at Dale’s that materialized…and I am still here! Like Kevin, I travel most of the day and get back to the store late in the afternoon. My area is primarily to the South and East of China Grove. I have a wife Lori, a daughter McKenzie and a son Andrew.


Josh Welch - I have always enjoyed meeting new people and earning their trust. I joined The Dale’s Team in 2011. Like Tommy, I do a little bit of everything. Some days I will spend in purchasing and others I will spend in warehouse. I have been given the title “Warehouse Manager” for organizing our stockroom! I graduated from South Rowan in 1999 and UNCC in 2003. Building relationships is what I enjoy most working here. I married to Katie and we have a son, Will and a daughter, Reese.